April Newsletter

Avengers Newsletter April 13, 2022 (Photos credits: Benito Miles)


Today, we celebrate 12 years of servicing youth, families, and communities nationwide.


New Partnership in Houston, Texas

On April 6, 2022, Avengers Youth Mentoring Organization signed a contract with Houston Independent School District (HISD) to transform their in-school suspension (ISS) building at Marshall Academy of Fine Arts, an HISD Middle School into a community youth center for afterschool programs and summer camps, youth jobs, and youth development. Avengers is also going to build a chess park for youth on the grounds Marshall Academy School grounds.

HISD is the 8th largest school district in the country.

Our grand opening is scheduled for Saturday, May 21, 2022, 12-6 PM

Brothers Tevion and Teshon Aikens, learning finances in our finance symposium. 4/2/2022


Our Detroit's Program Director Interim, Caren Jones did an awesome job organizing and planning our YBP Finance Symposium. This training session was to teach youth about financial literacy, and she did just that. She tapped into her community of resources and invited DeAndre Bell and Samia Leonard out to share their knowledge with our YBP. This session was knowledgeable, fun, and exciting. We surveyed our YBP at the conclusion of our training session and they stated that this financial literacy portion of our program was great and worth sharing with their friends and family. They are looking forward to more financial literacy programs.

Math teacher, Samia Leonard teaches our Detroit Youth Business Partners about budgeting and balancing their finances at our YBP Finance Symposium. 4/2/2022

Finance specialist, DeAndre Bell teaches our Detroit Youth Business Partners about investing at our YBP Finance Symposium. 4/2/2022

Our Detroit YBP calculating numbers at our YBP Finance Symposium. 4/2/2022


Maurice Starks and young camper, Desiree Jones at our summer camp in Pontiac, MI (2016)

Maurice Starks Summer Program Site Supervisor

Meet our summer program Site Supervisor, Maurice Starks. Maurice began his journey as an Avenger back in 2016, where he worked as a camp counselor to our summer camp participants. He developed a wonderful relationship with our young people and he continues to track many of their progress and assist where he is needed. Maurice has also severed in the military. He has stated that he is ready to get back involved with young people and will be returning as our summer campsite supervisor for our Detroit Summer Engineer Camp, which begins on Tuesday, July 5, 2022. We are excited to have Mr. Starks back, helping us to create unlimited possibilities for our young people.


Our Youth Business Partners enjoyed a fun evening, watching the Detroit Pistons take on the Philadelphia 76ers at our staff outing, sponsored by the Detroit Pistons. 3/31/2022

Our Avengers families enjoyed a fun evening watching the Detroit Pistons take on the Milwaukee Bucks, sponsored by the Detroit Pistons. 4/8/2022



Engineering Summer Camp: Technological innovation has long been the key to US growth and prosperity, and engineering has been an important driver of this innovation. Therefore, we have designed our summer camp to equip our youth participants with the skills to contribute innovative ways to the growth and prosperity of the United States.

Our engineering camp model is arranged in three age-focused tiers so that our youth participants can get the full experience of being an engineer while having fun.

Tier 1

Computer Engineer: In this course, youth ages 5-7 will enjoy a fun way of learning STEMscopes coding, using real computer science, while also hitting Math, Science, and E.L.A standards. With STEMscope coding, youth participants use real typed code on any computer to build crazy fun apps and share them with anyone. We will be using the Bitsbox software to ensure our youth participants have a great computer science experience, creating future computer engineers.

Tier 2

Mechanical Engineer: In this course, youth ages 8-10 will enjoy a fun way of learning aerodynamics, using hands-on innovation. Our youth participants will create their own mini drones in this program. Drones are being designed, built, and programmed to link up and carry larger, heavier objects as a unit. With exceptional portability, unobtrusive size, and remote control, drones are ideal for situations that are dangerous for humans.

Tier 3

Civil Engineer: In this course, youth ages 11-13 will learn the science of building structures and take steps towards working like a civil engineer to design structures using technology and simple materials. Civil engineers design structures like buildings, bridges, and dams. The tallest building in the world stands 2700 feet tall - that’s over half a mile. Our youth participants will learn how civil engineers think and plan for such structures.

All three tiers of our engineering camp will have an athletic component where youth participants can break for fun competitive competitions. Connecting subjects youth enjoy to athletics and physical fitness can help encourage them to pursue cross-disciplinary studies and cultivate self-motivated learning.


Our Detroit YBP will be attending the Junior Achievement Finance Park on Saturday, May 7, 2022, where they will get a real-life financial experience. They will each receive a Junior Achievement debit card and shop using a simulator. This experience will help our YBP get a hands-on financial experience, in a fun and friendly environment.