Avengers mentor young men and women through sports programming and life-skills education. No matter where we are, an Avenger will foster a fair positive safe environment using respect for others, self-confidence, and leadership. 


Creating a world where villages raise our children through mentoring, empowering them to be successful adults, and in turn, build loving compassionate communities. As we influence the thought patterns of our youth we will change the world and create unlimited possibilities. 


The main objective is equipping youth with Life and Athletic S.K.I.L.L.S to survive:

We provide a fair positive safe environment, which keeps youth consistent in our programs, giving them more access to the skills needed to be sustainable.

We expose youth to an array of information and resources, making them knowledgeable of their opportunities.  

 We utilize programs designed to enhance youth interpersonal skills, helping to build relationships and communication between people.  

 While utilizing empathy, we have a redirection strategy that holds youth accountable, highlighting that they are liable for their actions. 

Through charity work and fun outings, youth have great experiences and develop likable personalities.   

Throughout the process of our programs, youth will acquire essential life skills, making them suitable for their career goals.  



Houston, Texas 

Sponsored by: JD Finish Line Foundation




Avengers Youth Mentoring Organization would like to send a special thanks to JD Sports Finish Line for sponsoring a free shopping spree for (5) of our young people. 8/8/2023

What a wonderful experience! Just in time for school. 


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Mentor Coordinator for Young Ladies

Kiarra Moore, Alpha Kappa Alpha Soroity Inc.

True Girls Mentoring 

Program Outline 


A. Program Scope

a. T.R.U. E (Trustworthy, Resilient, Undefeated, Ebullient) Girls. Is a 10-week program that will assist young girls to reach their potential through mentorship. 

b. The program runs Monday and Thursday evenings after school.

c. The program is from August - October.

1. Program Structure 

a. Each session lasts approximately two hours.

b. The program focuses on students ranging from 5th- 12th grade. 

c. Serving 10-15 students 

d. Program start times vary based on the age group (i.e., elementary school students will start before high school students)

2. Program Goals 

a. To teach young girls how to build their self-confidence, excel in their academics, leadership, goal setting, and effective communication.

b. Teach young girls about feminine hygiene, etiquette, and words of affirmation.

c. Assist young girls with their academics, by completing homework together, checking in with teachers weekly on their progress, and helping them in subjects they may struggle with.

d. Teach leadership and effective communication with different outings, public speaking, and daily interactions with others.

e. Help with goal setting and teach the importance of staying organized and how goal setting will boost confidence and encouragement young girls to achieve their goals.

3. Program Components

a. Each week we focus on a different topic and do activities focused on the topic. 

For Example: If we are discussing etiquette for the week, we will have a professional come out to teach us more about the topic.

b. Young girls will learn the components of public speaking such as posture, ways to calm anxiety, and how to prepare.

c. Encourage creativity and collaboration among students.

d. Ask students about topics that want to discuss and expand on them more to help educate them.

Mentor Coordinator for Young Men

Dabney Hicks, President of Hicks Training

Lunch With A Mentor

Program Outline

● Each mentor will be paired with the same 10 students per grade level twice a week.

● Each session, the mentor will have the same students repeated to establish consistency and build relationships with their fellow mentees.

● The ten mentees per grade level twice a week will be preselected by the school's counselors.

● Once a week, mentors will gather their mentees from their respective lunch hours and convene in a private room chosen by the school.

Having students in this separate environment will remove distractions and foster a secure environment where students feel free to express their true selves and become more open to participating.

● During this lunch hour, students and their mentor will eat while having discussions that are centered around our T.H.I.N.K method (Teach youth life responsibility, Help youth make better life choices, Instill the importance of respect for others, Navigate the path to higher education, and Keep youth growing with opportunities for leadership).

● Mentors will work with educators to assess the evidence of each student's academic and social development. This will include:

○ Students' attention during class

○ How they work with others

○ Their responsibility with their homework and project

○ Their willingness to collaborate with others and seek assistance when needed.

● This information will be collected in survey form at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. We will collect responses from both educators and the students themselves.

Athletic Director 

Calen Anderson, University of St. Thomas Student Athlete 


Program Outline

The athletics programs in the Avengers youth mentor organization are designed to benefit the students in HISD, who in turn become the future of the community. Extracurricular activities have been shown to play a crucial role in the development of young minds, promoting physical fitness (which increases self-esteem, focus, and energy), as well as discipline, increased academic performance, learned leadership traits, teamwork, and character-building. 

Here are some key points about our program:

1. Structure

   A. 10 weeks

Monday & Wednesday after school (subject to change)

2-Hr programs (start time varies from elementary through high school

August-October (also summer programs in June)

  B. Target Audience

      1. 2nd Grade-12th Grade 50 students max per session. Sessions are segmented by pairing grades (2-5, 6-8, 9-12)

      2. Kids who enjoy soccer, volleyball, or basketball 

2. Inclusivity

Our program is open to students of all skill levels, whether they are beginners or advanced players. We believe in fostering a positive and supportive environment where everyone feels welcome and can grow at their own pace.

3. Holistic Development 

Our programs emphasize the importance of education and personal growth. We encourage academic success and teach valuable life skills such as time management, goal setting, and resilience. We believe that success on and off the court goes hand in hand.

4. Professional Coaching

 This area is what makes us different. We have a team of experienced and qualified coaches who are passionate about working with young athletes. My network within sports allows me to bring in high-level individuals who will attract the attention of young kids. We offer students a chance to interact with high-level college student-athletes. The experience and credentials of students from the University of St. Thomas is well documented, they have great recognition around Houston for academics, moral values, and athletics. They provide expert guidance, focusing on skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

5. Collaboration and Partnerships 

Our program collaborates with school staff and teachers to align program goals with curriculum and regulations. We also explore opportunities for cross-promotion with other school clubs or organizations.

6. Program Evaluation 

We collect feedback from participants, parents, and educators. We also work with teachers to receive academic and conduct progress updates over the 10-week camp and follow up on the continued progress of all program participants. We use data and feedback to make necessary adjustments and improvements.

In conclusion, our youth athletic programs aim to provide a comprehensive and enriching experience for students within HISD. By joining our program, students become better in the classroom, develop their athletic skills, build character, make lasting friendships, and contribute positively to the community. We believe that our programs align perfectly with the values and goals of HISD. We look forward to offering this valuable opportunity to HISD students.

Broadcasting Director

Emmit Vaugh, President of Cold Blooded Consulting, LLC


Program Outline

I. Introduction

   A. In 10. weeks Cold BloodIed Consulting will assist students in HISD with creative leadership roles and interpersonal communication via Broadcast & Journalism

   B. students will transition their confidence from our enrichment program into their academics with their new form of expression. 

II. Program Structure

   A. 10. weeks

   B. Target Audience

      1. 5th Grade-12th Grade 10-15.students max

      2. Help students who may not be able to participate in team sports build leadership roles threw broadcasting & journalism.

      3. Students who struggle with confidence may now see themselves on camera and build an identity.

   C. Enrollment Process

      1. Students will be in groups of 5-6 team brainstorming

      2. No limitations or requirements when it comes to student enrollment. Handicap or slow motor skills, everyone will build confidence and knowledge.

III. Program Components

   A. Broadcast Planning and Production

      1. Intro to broadcast & journalism

      2. Teach scriptwriting, editing, interviewing, and technical skills

      3. Pre & Post Production

      4. Produce entertaining and engaging content such as skits, music performances, or short films.

   B. News and Current Events

      1. Cover local, national, and international news stories

      2. Encourage critical thinking and analysis of news events

   C. Feature Segments

      1. Create segments on topics such as arts, culture, science, sports, etc.

      2. Showcase student achievements, talents, and community involvement

   D. Interviews and Discussions

      1. Conduct interviews with guest speakers, experts, or community members

      2. Organize discussions on relevant issues and topics

   E. Entertainment and Creative Content

D. Roles and Responsibilities

      1. Assign roles such as anchors, reporters, camera operators, editors, etc.

      2. Emphasize teamwork, professionalism, and effective communication

IV. Technical Aspects

   A. Studio Setup

      1. Adobe Premier license, SD Cards, Adobe Audition license, XLR Cables, Zoom Podtrak P4, Headphones, Omnidirectional Microphone Case

DSLR Camera, Tripod, Lavalier Microphone Set

      2. Cold Blooded Consulting will discuss proper safety and equipment management on Day 2

   B. Technical Training

      1. Provide instruction on using cameras, microphones, editing software, etc.

      2. Offer hands-on practice and guidance for technical aspects of all equipment

V. Staff and Volunteers

   A. Recruitment

      1. All staff hired by Cold Blooded Consulting has extensive knowledge in Audio & Video that translates to Broadcast Journalism. Our primary Teacher, Emmit Vaughn, has a degree in Recording Arts and 7. years of prior knowledge in Broadcast & Journalism. 

       2. All staff will be vetted threw Cold Blooded Consulting

VI. Broadcast Schedule and Promotion

   A. Establish a regular broadcast schedule

   B. Develop a promotional plan to attract viewers

   C. Utilize school communication channels, social media, and local networks for promotion

VII. Collaboration and Partnerships

   A. Collaborate with school staff and teachers to align program goals with the curriculum

  B. Explore opportunities for cross-promotion with other school clubs or organizations

VIII. Program Evaluation

  A. Collect feedback from participants, viewers, and stakeholders

  B. Use data and feedback to make necessary adjustments and improvements

IX. Communication and Outreach

   A. Develop a communication plan to inform parents, students, and the community about the program

   B. Will Utilize various channels such as newsletters, websites(https://www.avengersteam.org and  https://www.cbent.info) , and social media to share broadcast updates and highlights


I am so grateful for 

Avengers Mentoring Organization. 

Their wonderful programs have always kept my son busy and out of trouble. 

 -Talibah Dillworth, Detroit, MI

As I reflect on the time I worked with Avengers, one word that comes to mind is "grateful." This organization gives youth the opportunity to experience so many new and fun things that will not only create sentimental memories but will also prepare them for a brighter future. 

Luka Griffith, Detroit, MI

Mr. Dean and Avengers Summer Program was a true blessing for my grandsons that were here visiting with me for summer 2021. From the 1srt day until the last day, Mr. Dean and his staff were committed to providing them all with an amazing and unforgettable experience. We look forward to being repeat Avengers!!!

-Cherie Goolsby, Houston, TX

My grandsons Kai'Jon and Ja'Kai loved the Avengers Summer Program with Mr. dean and his crew, and they can't wait to get back to Houston, Texas from Columbus, Ohio for the '22 Summer Program!

-Kim Drew, Houston, TX




Youth Council First Public Meeting 6/15/2022



Avengers Youth Mentoring Organization would like to say thank you to E-210 Outdoors, and Outdoor Adventures for sponsoring (4) of our youth on a (6) day adventure in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Our youth learned about Christ while hiking in the mountains and exploring God's creation.  

We also would like to thank Fernway Outdoors and all of the mentors that offered tremendous support to our youth as they transitioned into manhood.