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Creating a world where villages raise our children through mentoring, empowering them to be successful adults and in turn build loving, compassionate communities. As we influence the thought patterns of our youth we will change the world and create unlimited possibilities.

Avengers Summer Program Director & Facilitators

Avengers Summer Program Director & Facilitators

Program Director

Edward Dean

  • Founder & CEO
  • Middle School English Teacher
  • Father of teenage daughter in College
  • Youth Minister
  • Over 12 years experience working with youth.
  • Community Activist

Edward Dean works hard to change his community through the youth he services, aiming to equip youth with the tools needed to make their community a better place.

Business Plan Writing Program Facilitator

Shelli Turmon

  • President & Founder of Creative Writing Mentorship Program Writing for Winners
  • Elementary Teacher for over 6 years
  • Currently enrolled in Eastern Michigan University for a Masters in Leadership and Administration
  • Mother of a 13 year old daughter.

Shelli Turmon is compassionate about motivating and pushing the youth the next level of their life. 

Home Management Program Facilitator

Victoria Edwards

  • President & Founder of Edwards Etiquette (Etiquette and Dining Protocol for Children & Teens)
  • Over 20 years experience working with youth.
  • 5th grade Elementary Teacher
  • Member of the National After-School Association

Victoria Edwards is Michigan's only children's etiquette instructor, licensed by the Emily Post Institute, and certified by the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals. Victoria has a passion to teach youth proper etiquette and household management so that they can advance as adults in this thriving economy. 

Business Start-Up Funding Program Facilitator

Ophelia Twine-Henry

  • President & Founder of OTH Consulting & Event Planning, Inc.
  • Over 47 + years in the hospitality industry.  
  • Managed $900,000 for 5 years at New Detroit Inc., a non profit organization that came out of the riots in 1968 in the capacity building department.
  • Assist new non profit organizations with the governmental compliance of their non profit. 

Ophelia Twine-Henry is a passionate season professional that works on long lasting relationships with clients and families. 

Marketing Your Business Program Facilitator

William Garrett

  • CEO of Virtual Hubb Marketing Corporation
  • University of Flint Student (Marketing Major)
  • 22 years of age
  • Over 6 years experience mentoring and working with youth. 

William Garrett aims to educate and provide second-to-none marketing whether used for individual or business purposes.

Budgeting Your Business Program Facilitator

Samia Hill

  • Samia is the President & Founder Belle Lounge 210 Salon
  • Middle School Math Teacher for over 3 years
  • 29 years of age 
  • Cheer & Dance Coach 

Samia Hill strive to make sure that youth understands how math and business works. 

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In late 2009 Edward Dean looked around his Community and found his daughter surrounded by poverty and violence—something that, sadly, the city of Detroit has become iconic for. Edward knew that without writing an expensive check, his daughter would have no safe place to play and learn after school hours. He saw other families with children who had the same problem and realized that it was his duty to create an organization to “take back” or avenge youth from violence they had been born into. The Avengers were born. Since its inception, we have turned heads and grown rapidly, now serving over 500 children. The Organization offers sports programming and life skills education ranging from basketball to entrepreneurship education. In April 2010 “Avengers Youth Mentoring Organization” was officially recognized as a nonprofit 501(c)3 Organization in the 13th Congressional District of Detroit, MI.

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